My First Blog … the beginning of the weestoppers

Weestoppers Adventures starts here …

Life is short, enjoy it!

— Samm Avis.

So am a bit apprehensive about starting a blog but thought let’s give it a try. I enjoy writing and love travelling, visiting new places (especially those with beverages) and make sure I enjoy my life.

So weestops probably began back in 2005, the year I met my lovely husband. Our first holiday, a weekend to Porto in Portugal. We had been wandering about for a while and both were getting a bit thirsty so suggested we have a wee (both small and convenient) stop at a bar. The rest is history (as they say) we’ve traveled pretty extensively, when funds allow, and enjoyed ourselves whilst tasting lots of local drinks and foods.

This blogs will focus on things I like to do including travel, going out, cooking indoors (and outdoors … can’t say the BB* word due to temperamental weather so outdoor casserole is a good disguise). I love cats too so will give a mention to my babies Bonnie and Clyde here too!

I hope you enjoy my blog, please give me feedback! And let the adventures continue …


5 thoughts on “My First Blog … the beginning of the weestoppers

  1. Best of luck with the blog Samm. Good start. Best way to get it going is to blog regularly, comment on lots of other blogs, and get some social media presence. Takes time but is goof fun and well worth it.

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