Hello, I am Samm one of the weestoppers

I enjoy spending time with my special hubby, love writing, traveling, cooking, being outdoors and also chilling indoors with my lovely cats.


5 thoughts on “Hello, I am Samm one of the weestoppers

    1. Thanks for your message. I’ll sort out the twitter link, thanks. Not on Pinterest – do you recommend it? I am on FB so will add the link as well. Thanks again for taking time to help me. Kind regards Samm


      1. You are very welcome. Reaching out to other like-minded travel bloggers is your best avenue and resource to assist you in fine-tuning your blog. Leave comments, check out other blogger’s comments and visit their sites. If you like their site leave comments.

        Facebook works well for us. We have a separate page for our blog on FB. We are just getting ramped up on Pinterest ourselves. Several other blogger friends get a lot of traffic from Pinterest. We get most of our traffic from Facebook and Goggle searches, and Word press reader, and Twitter. You are on WP…do you have Yoast? It is an SEO tool. It optimizes each of your posts. We also have a blog email for our contacts page: Latitudeadjustmentblog@gmail.com This way nothing goes to our personnel email.

        Hope this helps and feel free to reach out with any questions.

        John and Susan


      2. Hi John and Susan. Thanks so much. One more question: what version of WP do you have? I only have Premium so can’t have Plugins e.g. Yoast – do you recommend Business? Thanks Samantha


      3. Hi Samantha,

        Not sure what you mean by WP premium? Are you using the free version of WordPress, hosted by WordPress? If so, that’s probably why you can’t use plugins. The free version is a good place to start, and that’s where we started. About a year later, we moved to a hosted site. It’s still WordPress, but we pay to have it hosted by Siteground. Here’s a really good explanation of the different between free and hosted:
        (BTW, that WP Beginner site is a really helpful resource – I go there all the time.)

        I think it really comes down to what you want to do in the long term with your blog. Do you want to attract lots of views and lots of subscribers? Do you want to eventually monetize it? If so, you should think about migrating to an independent hosting service. Down the road that gives you the option of adopting a different premium theme (look and feel) as well – there are about a zillion of them out there. We highly recommend SiteGround for the host.

        In the meantime, it makes a lot of sense to start with the free version and “get your feet wet.” That’s what we did. And we are still learning new things all the time. SEO really isn’t too important until you start to build a readership and want to get more visibility with the search engines. John’s advice to publish your posts on Facebook (if you have an account) is a good one. We are just getting started with Pinterest and it’s definitely a learning curve. But it’s true that it can generate a lot of hits, if done right.

        Let me know if you have any more questions, and good luck!

        – Susan


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