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My top 5 adventures so far …

I have had some amazing adventures and experience, studying in Pennsylvania and working in The Philippines but of my adventures my greatest ones have to be …

1. South America 2018

Australis cruise in Patagonia

This was amazing, I loved planning it almost as much as experiencing it! We covered Chile, Patagonia and Argentina (and Brazil – sort of). People were great, food was great, scenery was out of this world. There will be a blog on this adventure coming soon!

2. South Africa 2015

Shark cage diving in Hermanus

This was pretty epic and so great to feel safe enough to drive from Cape Town to Plettbay. Great experiences from Table Mountain, wine tasting, shark cage diving, safari (walking one at that!!) and relaxing on the beach.

3. Vietnam honeymoon 2010

Halong Bay

Should this be number 1? It was amazing and we were so well looked after and treated like royalty but I think South America and South Africa slightly topped it! We travelled from Hanoi to Ngha Trang.

4. Sicily 2019

Rocca in Cefalu

Most recent in my mind but lovely holiday and felt there is still so much more to explore. Visited Catania, Gardini Naxos, Cefalu and Palermo. Lots to do from City culture, hiking, swimming/beach, boat trip, wine tasting, Etna and fabulous street food.

5. Kerala and Goa 2008

Rice boat in Kerala

11 years ago but still vividly remember the holiday. Kerala is such a beautiful place. We had a night on a rice boat with a massive storm, it was so romantic but terrifying. So want to go back to India to explore more!

That’s my top 5 I could have had top 1000 and still that wouldn’t have been enough. So many amazing place in the world and I have only scratched the surface. So many places I can’t wait to visit but so little time (and money) to do it all.

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