Weestop days out

Autumn Taste at Hyde Hall

We had a lovely day out at http://www.rhs.co.uk Hyde Hall on Sunday at their Autumn Taste event. Not a great day weather wise but good for us as nice and quiet. There were several indoor stalls, great bangers from http://www.tothambangers.co.uk/contact_details_5.html. And some outdoor hot food stalls/ a bar. Also the winner of the biggest pumpkin too and other prizes for large or particularly perfect/odd shaped veggies.

Some lovely hot food stalls serving Paella to roast wrap and BBQ food. Also a very interesting barrel bar with lots of tasty ciders! Yum #weestop!

Moved on to the Flower Fantasia section and some beautiful displays of colour. Lots of ideas to make our garden colourful at this time of the year!

More lovely veggies in the veg section and in the greenhouse. Amazing coloured chillis and ripe tomatoes … at this time of year!

Followed the sign claiming to be ‘The World’s Best Sausage Rolls’ … and they did live up to their claim! Although I haven’t yet tried every sausage roll in existance to prove their claim. Very tasty free sample and purchased one too!

Then we left Hyde Hall in search of a #weestop. Getting a bit thirsty by now! Found a lovely pub The Prince of Wales in Stow Maries – https://www.prince-stowmaries.net/. It didn’t disappoint, we didn’t eat here but the food looked amazing, good choice of beer and cider too. Roaring fires and friendly dogs too! We’ll be back soon!

Then home for some yummy supper! Rack of lamb with a rosemary herb crust and washed down with a very tasty bottle of Romanian wine.

Been a great day out and good fun!

Top tip: book online for http://www.rhs.com to save money and check out their upcoming events!

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