Brittany family adventure in a Gîte – August 2019

This was a road-trip from Essex to Brittany with 8 family members (Avis and Masons) in 2 cars. Ages from 12 to 73 years old but we made sure we did lots of activities that pleased everyone … or at least most! Rain and some sun, swimming, markets, beaches, festival (very mini one), beers, #weestops, wine, beer, cheese, BBQ and Fun!

Early start setting off at 5.30am to make sure we caught our ‘Le Shuttle’ train from Folkestone to Calais Weather was horrendous with torrential rain, we were bleary eyed from the early start and battling with the windscreen wipers to see the road.

We hoped we’d stick together on the train but as it was busy (school summer hols) so we were on different trains. Once we arrived in France we started our long drive to Brittany. Weather got bit better but still wet and journey was very long. We expected about 6 hours but it was more like 8 hours. Managed to catch up with each other so stopped for lunch at Poire Rouge with about 3 hours left on our drive.

Arrived in Saint Nicholas Des Eaux about 6pm so immediately left 1 car load to unpack and the other to hit the supermarket for essential supplies (wine, beer, cheese and bread – obviously!!)

Then off for a wander to peruse our home for the next 7 nights.

Lovely place, typically French (a bit run down and shabby-chic). Swimming pool, large garden, lots of games, river at end of garden and a couple of bars/restaurants to walk to. Obviously the nieces jumped straight in the pool and the rest of us sampled the beer/wine. Supper of bread and cheese and popped to the local bar.

Next morning the boulangerie delivered our bread order and breakfast was served on the veranda with a very friendly chicken!

Then an afternoon trip out to a market town also with a beach – Lamont-Plage. How do the French do markets so well?? Everything looks so amazingly fresh that you want to buy everything!

Next day we went for a walk then lunch in our village at the Cafe – limited menu but tasty. Either Croque Mousier or Quiche .. with beverages! #weestop.

Evening we BBQ and popped to the festival (mini one) that was taking place literally next door. Ok music and nice beers! Made friends with a social Hedgehog!

Next morning at my request we did the Maize Maze! Not sure everyone enjoyed as much as me!

Love those things! But is was good, cheap and kept us busy for a couple of hours! Shame about it being a bit damp though. Stopped in next village at a ‘scabby’ bar for a #weestop to shelter from the rain. Visit to the local biscuit factory and a few samples too!

Dinner tonight at the Bistro in the village – limited menu but if you request it they do pizzas so that pleased a few of us. Otherwise mussels were quite popular too!

Next day was another trip out to a town … very wet day though! Then back to our village for Crêpes. There was a creperie in our village but it never seemed to open … but today we got lucky! So some had sweet crepes and other (me) had savoury galettes – very yum!

Following day was a walkies out … it got even wetter and had to shelter under the trees!

Visited the local church which was beautiful. Then back to our Gite to get ready for a boat ride. Great trip and took some supplier #weestop! And swimming off the boat. A bit chilly but a nice experience.

Last day was a market day again followed by a beach trip to La Trinité-sur-Mer. It was actually nice weather for it! Took a peddle-lo with a slide out for a ride too!

Lovely lunch at the beach restaurant.

Steak-frites, moules and fajitas were on the menu back at the Gite this evening and packing up ready to travel home.

The 2 cars divided on the journey home with Kenton, Louis, Pauline and I heading straight home and the Mason’s stopping in Paris to visit Ken.

Long drive home again with a quick stop at Le King de Burgers (ok Burger King, we caved in) .

All in all a good trip, shame about the weather some day and not sure I am keen to drive that far again!

Top tip: pack a cagoule!!

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