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Danbury and Hanningfield weekend of walkies and #weestops

Good weekend of Autumnal loveliness!

On Saturday we had a lovely autumnal day out in Danbury, Essex. Had a good long walk trying to find some colourful trees, think we might be a week or so early!

Yum breakie – avocado, bacon and poached eggies on toast

Lovely trees by the water

Had to have a couple of #weestops on way home, obvs!

Good day out, started well with England beating Australia in Rugby World Cup! Then trip to butchers for supper, Thai/Asian theme today! Then our walkies and wee stops!

Supper was Angry Jungle Curry, Peking Duck, Sticky Ribbies and Pad Thai! Tasty!

On Sunday had lazy morning then headed out to Hanningfield to check out trees and hoping to pick some sloe berries!

Lots of varieties of fungi! Not sure if any are edible, think we’ll play it safe!

Some of us enjoyed the Sloe berry picking!

#weestop in village hall in South Woodham Ferrers and Tap Room 19! #beermunch #weestop

Popped into BHN for bulbs ready to plant in our garden!

Our bulb and sloe berry stash

Got steak (peppercorn sauce) with homemade chips and greens! Hoping Kenton’s not hungry so I get more!! He he!

Vegetarian looks away now …

Good weekend, weather was kind and saw lots of lovely nature! Tasty beverages too!

Until next weekend …

Autumn walkies and #weestop @weestoppers

2 thoughts on “Danbury and Hanningfield weekend of walkies and #weestops

  1. We just got back from Europe so of course we were up at 3 am…by 4:30, I wanted a steak! Your pictures are making me hungry. damn jet-lag. haha. BTW, for sure don’t eat the red shrooms – not sure about the others!


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