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Social isolation positivity #1

We are all experiencing a very isolated world and not much to look forward to so I make sure I enjoy a few things everyday … it’s the little things that count!

So today was a yummy looking order for Lilley’s cider with 10% discount and free delivery (over £50!)

Yesterday was my magnetic menu board and white board pens! Now I can get planning with our freezer/store cupboard rationings! My hubby is actually getting excited about it too!!

I am doing a 20 minute Joe Wicks sweat exercise class (virtual obviously) and making sure I get out for my daily exercise allowance!

It’s not all bad … hoping to come out of hibernation fitter and healthier!

Oh and it’s got me back to focusing on my blog! Who knew that staying home there could be so much to write about!!

Look out for my next posts about our veggie growing and our outdoor gym!

@weestoppers and #weestops will live on! Watch this site to see how we are going to improvise!

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