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Social isolation positivity #4

The dreaded Monday was not so painful this week. Healthy breakfast (granola with yog and fruit/ Smoothie), lunchtime run then made homemade broccoli and stilton soup for lunch. Was rather tasty and used up the ‘starting to go a bit yellow broc’ and ‘slightly dried out stilton’! Added some magic ingredients to keep us healthy – tumeric, garlic and chilli!

Bit yellow from tumeric

Decided to stick to ‘meat free monday’ and so for dinner made a homemade cauliflower curry with chickpeas too! Pretty tasty and lots of leftovers so will make a curried cauli soup tomorrow.

Quiet evening chilling and cuddles with babies watching Saturday Market Kitchen with the guests on video links rather than being able to taste the food in the studio.

Tuesday was another healthy breakie then my new screen arrived -yay! Much easier to work and moved up to the spare room so I can distance work from non-work time! Hoping that will be a good idea.

Work with a view, before moving to spare room!

Went for a walkie at lunch time. Nice views from the park.

Fairview park

Had another delivery of fish, think will be last as fish market is closing. So then took fish to parents and sister. Back home for a bit of blogging. Tonight is a Krav Maga virtual session then healthy chuck and salad supper.

What excitement will tomorrow bring? Veggie deliveries, possible run, Joe Wick workout and another Krav Maga core workout.

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