positive thinking · social isolation

Social isolation positivity #5

Treat breakfast today – mushroom omelette with Gruyere cheese, obviously cheekied up Avis style with some chilli! Good start to the day and back to our ‘offices’ to work. Tree view for me …

Was expecting to wake up to find that Coronavirus was just an April Fools joke, but no such luck! Oh well time to make the most of the restrictions! Bonnie was planning her escape route …

Whilst Clyde decided to chill out …

Lovely veggie order delivered from https://www.rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk/ now to get preparing for the weekly menu!

Lunch was left over cauliflower curry made into soup. Yum and healthy!

Then after a busy working day a 20 min sweat with Joe Wicks – good to de-stress! https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/start-the-new-decade-with-my-7-days-of-sweat-challenge-1246.html

Then checking on my veggies, coming along nicely. Good to have the time to check them each day!

Got virtual Krav workout tonight and yummy monkfish supper … so until next time!

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