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Social isolation positivity #6

It is so nice to be able to get out of bed at 8.29am to start work at 8.30am! Benefits of working from home. Also get a nice view from ‘the office’, can adjust the temperature, have visits from cats and dress code is ‘anything goes’.

Another healthy smoothie breakfast then off to work we go …

Exciting deliveries today:

  1. Wine from Waitrose Cellar – https://www.waitrosecellar.com/
Yummy wine delivery

2. Plants from Riverside Nursery – http://www.riversidenursery.co.uk/. Plant all look nice and healthy. And a bag of charcoal, hoping to ‘outdoor casserole’ (aka BBQ) at weekend – fingers crossed!

New plants and charcoal

3. Popcorn from Joe and Steph’s Gourment popcorn – https://www.joeandsephs.co.uk/ curtesy of Vodafone offers!

Lunchtime run my usual 4km round the park and then the roads and back home. Feel good for going.

Lunch was a old favourite but not had for a while – tinned sardines on toast with rocket! Very tasty! Got several cans in the cupboard but still a couple of years left to use them on best before date.

Another krav maga virtual session this evening followed by chicken with salad.

Week has gone quick, can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow already! Now to make plans for an indoor weekend … obviously with our daily outdoor exercise included! Hopefully a #weestop for the @weestoppers!

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