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Social isolation positivity #2

Reasons to be thankful today are: weather is lovely and it’s nearly the weekend! Thought it was lovely last night when I opened my front door and saw neighbours on their front doors waving, clapping and celebrating the NHS! Amazing work they are doing!

Clearly apart from not having to work the weekend is going to be a bit odd – no real #weestops from the @weestoppers but sure we’ll improvise. Hmmm thinking cap on!

Today I was planning to go for a run as my daily exercise but as my leggies are sore due to yesterday’s lunchtime walkies followed by Joe Wicks 20 min sweat and a virtual Krav Maga workout last night so I thought I would rest this morning. But I have done my daily Joe Wicks 20 mins sweat at lunchtime and feel good for it … and sweaty! https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/start-the-new-decade-with-my-7-days-of-sweat-challenge-1246.html

Will make sure I go out after work for a walk as my daily allowance of exercise! Then I am really looking forward to a well earned gin! We’ve managed 2 days without drinking this week …Yay!

We started the day with a yummy breakfast after discovering an avocado at the bottom of the fridge! Lucky dip! So toast with smashed avocado and poached eggs! Yum!

smashed avocado on toast with poached eggies

Then it was off to work I go … and here I am at the dining table in the conservatory and I am pleased that my mothers day flowers are still looking gorgeous (thank you Georgia)! Ok I am not a mother but a step mother and an evil one at that …but self-named evil!

Beautiful Tulips

Now it’s lunchtime and it’s ribs and salad on the menu … they are past their best before date so best we enjoy them as a lunchtime treat!

So next it ‘s waiting for a fish delivery which will need to be distributed to family. Highlight of the day me thinks!

Shout out to Sam Brown today, Happy birthday! I am sure there is fun to be had with a birthday under lockdown! Dig out those board games, drinking games and perhaps do a ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ style dinner with what you can rustle up from the cupboards. Expect Chris and the girls have got some ideas too … good luck!

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